Effortless tones
for the inspired.

Effortless tones
for the inspired.

discover the transformative power of effortless tones and timeless elegance. Elevate your photography experience and unlock the true potential of your creative vision with our exquisite collection of lightroom presets and tones.


“Roots presets are unlike so many others that make bold claims but are little more than a soulless mismanagement of the colour grading tools. Once I made the time to learn how to get the most from them, Roots Presets enabled me to achieve magic, and produce the kinds of images I’ve been dreaming of.”



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Get access to our incredibly powerful toolkit that’s built up with refined A.I Mask presets, radial presets & Gradient Presets. It’s a perfect companion not just for our Roots Presets, buy for any photographers workflow.

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“I would recommend Roots simply because there are real human photographers and artists behind the fancy webpage. The support interactions I’ve had with the team have been excellent, and it is because of these that I couldn’t be more stunned and excited by what I’m creating.”



“Absolutely beautiful/ amazing presets. They work with all my images with minimal tweaks!”

Kysiah Profke

“I was already impressed with Protea, but Mnemba has topped that feeling. It’s so versatile and you can customize it quite easily. A timeless beauty, I would say.

mira niessen

“The creamy gold tones with a certain amount of mood & warmth just looked so dreamy! I purchased the Kilimanjaro preset as it’s very cinematic.”

Farhaan Hussain

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